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Note that the planned series of articles on Primates 2016 is currently abandoned as the moves to sideline The Episcopal Church largely failed.

This is the beginnings of an article about how bishops of the Anglican Communion have responded to the Primates 2016 meeting that recommended sanctions against the Episcopal Church in response to its General Convention defining marriage in a gender neutral manner. I am publishing it in this early draft form to give early access to the list of responses.

Comments are as usual open to all without needing to sign in and so you may suggest additions to the resources list. Comments involving personal attacks or that might otherwise make this website subject to legal action will be removed. I may add responses from leaders of other Christian groupings, but at present this list is limited to the Anglican Communion and so does not include responses from bishops in the Anglican Church of North America, including Archbishop Foley Beach who was a participant in Primates 2016.

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