Primates 2016

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In September 2016 Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury invited fellow Anglican primates (leading bishops of a national church) and one archbishop from a breakaway church to a gathering in Canterbury. The language was very clearly that of a gathering not a formal Primates Meeting. There was shock on the Thursday night of the gathering when a leak came out to reveal that the primates had voted to punish the Episcopal Church (an international member of the Anglican Communion primarily based in the United States of America). Yet it is presented as a formal Primates Meeting by the official Anglican Communion Office's site and has been consistently reported as such via their Anglican Communion News Service. This gives the impression of a deliberate subterfuge to bring the Episcopal Church to a gathering and then turn it into a formal Primates Meeting.

The story behind this apparent trickery remains unclear as Welby's attempt at news management is breaking down and claims about what took place at the gathering that was not a Meeting and then supposedly became a Meeting require a response. The main article that I have written about this gathering is being held back until it becomes apparent that no new revelations are to be made public. In the meantime some of the background information about the history and structures of the Anglican Communion will appear here. Welby has been accused of having an "out of control media team" and one clear tactic they have is to confuse the secular media with erroneous claims about the power of the Archbishop of Canterbury, These articles are designed to set the record straight on how little influence Welby has over any other Anglican national church and what is inspiring this power grab by the Evangelical wing of the Church of England.

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